ICP Etcher

ICP Etcher conducts chemical & physical etching by generating high-density plasma in low-pressure process. It shows excellent etching performance at target materials which have high-hardness(Sapphire, SiC, etc.), organic matter(Polyimide, etc.), Ⅲ-Ⅴ compounds and glass.
• 2-8 inch on tray w/he cooling
• 23-26pcs/2", 7-8pcs/4", 3pcs/8", 1pcs/8"
• Conventional or Reverse process chamber
• LAH(automatic), LCH(semi-auto)
• 2 Maxis™300L process modules
• 4-8 inch single stand alone chamber
• Mechanical or ESC available
• Si, glass, sapphire, Sic substrate
• EDA optional
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