ICP Etcher


ICP Etcher is an equipment used for PSS process that improves light extraction efficiency of LED chip. GigaLane has taken the global No.1 position in this market since 2012 by utilizing technologies secured from its own PSS fab. Furthermore, GigaLane is preparing for entering a new market of LED etcher that is derived from introduction of flip-chip packaging and other advanced process in LED industry.

Our ICP etcher has superior PR aspect ratio & pattern uniformity, various etching pattern, wide process window and high-level of particle control capability. Moreover, by utilizing our own DEMO laboratory where machines for lithography, rinsing, analyzing process are equipped in clean-room environment, we can respond to technological request from our customer promptly. It is primarily used for PSS(Patterned Sapphire Substrate) process which is critical to improve light extraction efficiency of LED chips and also applied for diverse etching processes such as GaN etch and Oxide etch.
Industry Opportunity
  • • Growth of LED industry led by incresing LED lighting penetration
  • • Development of new process for maximizing LED light extraction efficiency such as flip-chip PKG
  • • Adoption of large-scale sapphire substrate (over 6") for LED to improve productivity
Core Competency
  • • Plasma source and control technology
  • • Differentiated wafer tray for yield and productivity control
  • • Providing customized LED etcher that is optimized for customer's product and process features by utilizing our own DEMO laboratory
  • • Sapphire(PSS for LED) Etch
  • • MESA(GaN,Isolation for LED) Etch
  • • SiO2 Etch
  • • Metal(Al) Etch
  • • SiC Etch
  • • Glass Etch