Future society will evolve into smarter world that everything is connected and exchanges information while processing information and orders by itself. Semiconductor and RF(Radio Frequency) technology are two key enablers of the interconnection of things and intelligent things.

GigaLane's plasma etcher has been evolved along with the development of semiconductor technology for about 30years. GigaLane will lead the market of deep silicon etcher which is core process equipment for the manufacturing of MEMS-saw filter and semiconductor products, as it did in LED etcher market.

GigaLane will contribute to building smarter world by leading the market trend on the convergence of its RF·semiconductor equipment·MEMS process technology.

Our Facilities


  • LED
  • DRIE

Assembly Line

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History of Semiconductor Equipment Division

Developed Gen2.0 Imprinter
Developed 12” DRIE Etcher
Designated as one of the company supported by World Class 300 Project from Korea Government Developed 12" DRIE Etcher
Listed on KOSDAQ
Upgraded 8" DRIE Etcher
Positioned global No.1 supplier of LED PSS Etcher
Developed LED PSS Etcher
Installed 8” MEMS Fab – The first of a kind in private sector, Korea
Developed DRIE Etcher
Founded company and R&D center

Core technology of Semiconductor Equipment Division

"Plasma etching equipment manufacturing technology for semiconductor"
Etching process is one of the most important process for fabricating semiconductor so that only a few companies in the world produce the machine. GigaLane had invested for the last 10 years developing plasma source as well as plasma control technology and achieved global no.1 position for LED etcher market, also had produced a semiconductor plasma etching machine "DRIE etcher" that is applicable of new semiconductor packaging process.