DRIE Etcher

Our DRIE(Deep Reactvie Ion Etching) Etcher conducts fine cycling & non-cycling etching process of silicon substrate by utilizing high-density plasma. It is applicable for various etching process such as deep trench, isotropic profile with its high-speed etching capability and high aspect ratio. This machine is cluster type(up to 4 chambers) and suitable for mass production line that fabricate 12" wafer.
Industry Opportunity
  • • Increase in DRIE-applicable fabricating & packaging processes in semiconductor industry that were limited to MEMS device
  • • DRIE-applicable processes for 3D TSV, 2.5D interposer, PMIC, CIS and other analog devices arose due to 'Micro to Macro' trend in semiconductor industry
  • • Expansion of applicable field beyond silicon substrate such as polyimide, Quartz, SiC and so on
Core Competency
  • • Superior process capability : cycling & non-cycling, high-speed etching, process uniformity, and high aspect ratio with profile control, smooth surface, egde profile control, edge shadow ring
  • • Wide process window : Micro to Macro, MEMS to Semiconductor
  • • Providing customized DRIE etcher that is optimized for customer's product and process features by utilizing our own demo laboratory
  • • TSV Etching
  • • Silicon Super Junction
  • • Silicon Thinning