Saw Filter Etcher


GigaLane's Saw Filter Etcher is the best solution for metal etch and oxide etch process. Our etcher is equipped with an 'in-line asher' with VDS that DI water vapor is applied to prevent metal from being corroded. In addition, the asher realized high ashing rate and minimized damage on surface by applying remote-plasma and precise EDA.
Industry Opportunity
  • • Upsurge in demand for saw filter due to coming 5G network era
  • • Increase in demand for high-quality & various piezoelectronic substrate
Core Competency
  • • In-line asher system with VDS and remote plasma
  • • High etch rate, easy control of profile & CD: applyingoptimized plasma source
  • • High temperature uniformity: ESC fabricated on piezoelectronic substrate
  • • No breakage of substrate: easy chucking/dechucking
  • • Minimized damage on surface: adopting precise EDA
  • • Metal Etch (saw filter specialized)
  • • Oxide Etch
  • • Ash