Nano Imprinter


Nano Imprinter is patterning equipment that uses mold to imprint specific pattern needed on substrate. Our Nano Imprinter utilize film-mold which is twined around roll(Roll-to-Roll type) to capture high yield and productivity and cope with warpage or bow of substrate.
Industry Opportunity
  • • Increasing needs for nanometer pattern in LED, display, semiconductor, photovoltaic industry
  • • Emerging issue of productivity due to adoption of large-scale substrate
Core Competency
  • • Applicable for fine pattern
  • • Resin mold are being supplied
  • • Cost competitiveness captured by using resin mold repatedly
  • • Resin coater is in-line with imprinter
  • • LED PSS (Patterened Sapphire Substrate)
  • • Display
  • • Print
  • • Semiconductor
  • • Bio & etc.