Case 1 : in Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
※ Smart museum touring with beacon-solution

- Beacon installed near relic transmit its ID Periodically
- Smartphone of visitor receive ID of beacon
- Smartphone transmit ID of beacon to data-server
- Contents-server transmit information of relic to smartphone, after searching ID in data-base
- Smartphone display the information on screen, after receiving data

※ Management of relic information & offering quiz, event, coupon through management system

- Beacon Management : Registration of beacons for service through GUI
- Relic Management : Registration of contents for service through GUI
- Unexpected quiz Management : Management of Quiz(contents & way to answer)
- Mission Management : Management of Mission(contents & way to perform)
- Coupon Management : Management of rules how coupon created for parking fee, free beverage

※ Gaining Information via only smartphone of visitor! Needless other devices

- Service : Instruction for smart curator application
- Viewing Guide : Guide information for GGPM
- Convenience Facility : available amenities in GGPM
- Smart Tour Course : Real-time marking user's position
- Event : Rewarding if visitor tours specific relics
- Coupon : Storable Usable coupons(shop, parking lot)
- Log : Save relics information recognized with Smart Curator

Case 2 : in Everland Resort
※ Visitor convenience & Continuous relationship between visitors and Everland

- Service-range control based on GPS
- Flexible sync. with variety service server
- Total monitoring service on Web-based
- Secured data management based on Location Based Service(LBS) enterprise

※ Central Monitoring & Provision of customized interface for contents management

- Real-time monitoring of population density near beacon by region
- Analysis of beacon service statistics
- Hourly, daily, monthly analysis of moving route
- Hourly, daily, monthly analysis of populcation density