Semiconductor plays key role in evolving towards a smarter world and enormous investment is expected to fabricate more advanced semiconductor in the future. GigaLane, already a global No. 1 provider of LED etcher, recently started to commercialize newly upgraded DRIE etcher that is essential for TSV process, to seize the advanced semiconductor packaging process equipment market.
A continuous advancement of wireless communication will expand the necessity of high performance RF component, module and system, and thereby increase the needs of proper test measurement solution. GigaLane RF division is dedicated to provide high performance RF components for mobile device, network infra, aerospace & defense, and test measurement sector.
Test solution is essential to mass production of semiconductor device and newly developed semiconductor device needs innovative test solution. GigaLane is deploying its own technology of test solution for semiconductor and OLED panel on a commercial scale and developing new technologies to prepare and welcome the 3DIC era in the future.
GigaLane's Automated Manufacturing Equipment enables its customers to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness by improving productivity and quality of product. GigaLane provides customized equipment for cover glass treatment, vision inspection and RF coaxial cable / connector / cable assembly processes with its own capabilities of design & manufacturing the equipment.
In the upcoming IoT era, billions of devices will be interconnected and contribute to making human society smarter way than now. GigaLane, specializing in dealing with RF technology, is paving the way for IoT era by making a great effort to research and develop for IoT. Beacon solution is a starting point of GigaLane to open the nascent IoT market.